Developing Teeth During Pregnancy

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Here at Yummy Dental, it is our specialty to ensure that your child will no longer fear visits to the dentist. The health, well-being and happiness of your child will always be our top concern, and you can be sure that with our amazing team, your child is in great hands. We have offices in both Glenview and Chicago, and we are happy to serve families residing in the surrounding communities as well, such as Highland Park, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Roscoe Village, and more. We want to keep your child’s teeth strong, healthy, and ensure that they are growing correctly. Prevention is key when working with children, and we can offer you tips and tricks to help ensure that your child’s mouth will remain as healthy as possible! At Yummy Dental, working with children is our passion and forte! 

Pregnancy and Your Child’s Developing Teeth

It is never too early to start to think about the health of your baby’s teeth. Believe it or not, your baby’s teeth already exist beneath the gums at the time they are born. You may not be able to see them, but they’re there, developing. Actually, your baby’s teeth have begun to form at about the sixth week of pregnancy! At that point, your baby’s primary teeth have already began to form. By the third or fourth month, teeth also begin mineralizing and building dentin, the inner layer of tooth enamel. 

As always, much of your baby’s physical development depends on what the mother intakes, and how she cares for herself during pregnancy. Teeth, as well as all other parts of the body need certain nutrients in order to grow properly. We are always more than happy to speak with you and advise you on ways you can help your baby’s development during pregnancy. We want to remind you that while there are certain nutrients that are helpful to your baby’s development, there are also substances that may harm them, and their teeth specifically. We have crafted a list of tips for your benefit.


Key Nutrients For Prenatal Development

The following is a list of foods that will help your baby’s prenatal tooth development:

  • Calcium: Calcium is the most important mineral for the development and growth of teeth. You can obtain calcium through various foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, certain vegetables, as well as calcium supplements. It is important to note that if you aren’t receiving enough calcium in your diet, your body will begin to take this mineral from your bones and use it for your baby’s development. 
  • Phosphorous: Phosphorous is an essential mineral for growth and the repair of body cells and tissues. In regards to teeth, phosphorus accounts for their hardness and strength. It is found in all cells of the body and can be obtained through foods such as meat, seeds, fish, nuts, beans milk, certain cereals, and soy products. 
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is extremely important to pair with these other nutrients, as it helps give the body the ability to absorb them. Only a few foods contain this vitamin naturally, such as salmon and tuna. Some dairy products and soy milk contain vitamin D as well. While you can obtain it from the sun, negative effects of sun exposure may prevent you from being encouraged from getting your full intake from it, and supplements may be advised.
  • Protein: Protein is an extremely important asset to your body, and is the most plentiful substance besides water. Protein helps build, maintain and replace tissues in your body. Protein promotes enamel growth and is made of important amino acids which all bodies require. Meats and dairy products are great sources of protein, but you can also find many alternatives to meat and dairy that will give you the same nutrients - such as in beans, tempeh, hemp, etc. 

Be Careful About Medications and Dietary Supplements

You may want to seek professional medical advice to ensure you are getting all of the necessary nutrients during your pregnancy, especially if you have dietary restrictions and are concerned about possibly lacking certain important vitamins and minerals. 

If you are pregnant you should always be careful starting medications, as some of them may interfere with pregnancy. Please let our office know, so we can make sure to avoid prescribing you any medication that should be avoided by our soon-to-be mothers. For example, if you have an infection and need antibiotics, there are much safer options for pregnant mothers than others. Fluoride, which is very commonly used at home, is not recommended for pregnant women, as there are too many unanswered questions about how it affects fetal babies. Also, it is possible that the antibiotic tetracycline can permanently stain teeth in utero. As always, it is imperative that we remain up-to-date on your health and whether or not you are pregnant, so we can prescribe you accurately!

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