Dental Exams & Cleaning

Expert Pediatric Dental Care in Glenview & Chicago, IL


At Yummy Dental & Orthodontics for Kids, we have one, simple mission: help kids have the brightest and healthiest smile possible! As a leading pediatric dental practice serving the Chicago & Glenview, IL areas, we're proud to provide high-quality pediatric dental treatments in a warm, welcoming, and friendly office environment. We strive for a long-term focus in our dental care, working to help children develop healthy smiles over time – all while ensuring that every visit to our office is a pleasant one. While we offer many different dental treatments to kids in Chicago, perhaps the most important, foundational treatment we offer is the dental exam & cleaning.

The Importance of Regular Exams & Cleanings

The dental exam and cleaning appointment is one of the most important parts of pediatric dental care because it's a core preventive treatment: it helps us take proactive care of your child's teeth, preventing problems from happening in the first place while spotting any that pop up before they get to severe. These regular appointments are a crucial part of helping your child achieve a healthy, beautiful smile over the long term.

How Often Should My Child Have an Exam & Cleaning?

Every patient is different, and your Chicago pediatric dentist will work with you to determine the ideal frequency of appointments for your child. Generally, we bring kids in for an exam and a cleaning once every six months. While some children may require more frequent attention, this schedule is usually perfect for letting us keep your child's teeth healthy and address any dental problems before they grow in severity.

What Should My Child Expect at an Exam & Cleaning Appointment?

A whole lot of fun! We know that sometimes kids can be a little scared of the dentist's chair, but our expert pediatric dental team has years of experience making dental visits fun for everyone involved. Our office is a bright, colorful, kid-friendly environment filled with fun and educational posters along with great toys in case your little one needs some distraction. We speak in calm, encouraging tones to children, helping them feel comfortable through the whole process and leave feeling even happier than when they came in.

While your child is sitting in the dentist's chair, they'll get a comprehensive dental exam and a thorough deep cleaning of the teeth. In the exam, your children's dentist will be looking to spot any problems like cavities or decay, while also checking to make sure dental development is progressing normally. Often, these exams will let us spot problems early on, giving us much more leeway to treat them effectively and preventing bigger problems down the line.

After the exam, one of our expert pediatric dental technicians will give your child's teeth a complete deep cleaning. Using special, kid-friendly dental instruments like electric prophy brushes and special toothpaste, your technician will clean all the nooks and crannies of the teeth that are hard to reach with a normal toothbrush and floss. Once finished, your child's teeth will be squeaky clean, plaque free, and looking brand new!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Chicago & Glenview, IL Kids Dentist

Dental exams and cleanings are a crucial part of your child's preventive dental hygiene regimen, and if you'd like to schedule your child's next appointment, we at Yummy Dental & Orthodontics would be thrilled to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at our contact page with any questions you may have on the treatment process, and if you're ready to schedule your child's next appointment, you can do so using our easy online form. Whether your child is just growing their first baby teeth or is getting ready to enter high school, we're excited to help them develop a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime!