Plaque HD Toothpaste

Plaque HD Toothpaste
Posted on 03/23/2018
Plaque HD Toothpaste

As your Chicago and Glenview kids dentist and providers of pediatric dentistry, it’s our goal here at Yummy Dental & Orthodontics to do all we can to help set your child on the path to a healthy, lifelong smile. While we’re proud to offer all of the pediatric dentistry services and treatments necessary to accomplish this, there’s still plenty of work in the oral hygiene department that needs to be done at home as well. Unfortunately, some children slack off when it comes to their oral hygiene – either knowingly or unknowingly. Even children who are committed to brushing their teeth multiple times a day may not be brushing as well as they could be and they just don’t realize it. To make sure that your child doesn’t fall into this category, we recommend a revolutionary new concept – Plaque HD toothpaste.

What Is Plaque HD Toothpaste?

Plaque HD Toothpaste.Plaque HD toothpaste was created with the goal of helping patients remove harmful plaque from their teeth. It provides an excellent solution by using Targetol Technology to highlight any plaque that’s on the teeth in a noticeable green color. Since a patient will be able to see where exactly plaque remains on his or her teeth, this will be a helpful indicator as to where to spend more time brushing. Because of this useful technology, it’s much more likely that a person will remove as much plaque as possible and keep his or her teeth healthy between visits to the pediatric dentist.

How to Use Plaque HD Toothpaste

Using Plaque HD toothpaste follows a similar process when compared to traditional toothpaste. You’ll want to do the following:

  • First, place a small amount of Plaque HD toothpaste onto your toothbrush.
  • Start to brush in the same way as you normally do.
  • Look into the mirror as you’re brushing and search for any traces of green on your teeth. Make sure to clean these areas extra carefully.
  • After you’ve thoroughly brushed and rinsed, the green color will no longer be present.

Why You Should Use Plaque HD Toothpaste

The obvious main advantage of this toothpaste is that it’ll be a huge help in removing as much plaque as possible. This is important as plaque can lead to bleeding or receding gums, bad breath, or even tooth loss. Many patients believe that they’re doing a fine job with their brushing, but still accumulate plenty of harmful plaque on their teeth in areas that they unknowingly miss. Plaque HD toothpaste will stop that from happening. With the help of this toothpaste, you’ll be able to spot any plaque that you may have missed, which will allow for a better chance of avoiding all of the problems that plaque can cause.

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