Children’s Snacks During School

Children’s Snacks During School
Posted on 09/06/2016
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Learn About the Effects of Sugary Snacks on Dental Development

Now that it's back to school season once again, it's time for kids and their parents to change gears to adjust to being back in the classroom. As a Chicago pediatric dentistry practice that emphasizes the importance of keeping our patient's smiles healthy and attractive, we'd like to offer parents some tips for healthy snacking during school.

We understand that there are lots of snacks for sale that are easy to make and send to school along with your kids. However, many of these convenient snacks are not the friendliest to the teeth because they are loaded with cavity-causing sugar. So please take the time to carefully read package contents before buying pre-packaged snacks to make sure you choose those which are low in sugar.

Be Wary of Hidden Sugar

Sugar goes by many names including fructose, dextrose, glucose, invert sugar and fruit juice concentrate. This means parents must be extra diligent when reading food labels as many food manufacturers are very deceptive when it comes to revealing the actual sugar content in the various products they sell. Even foods labeled as "natural" often contain some form of sugar so take the time to read the small print to see how much sugar is actually in the snacks you buy.

Have a Variety of Healthy Snacks on Hand

Whether you're sending snacks to school or providing your kids with after-school treats or between meal snacks, be sure to offer your children healthy snacks that are good for their teeth. Have plenty of hard fruits on hand like apples, celery and pears that are not only nutritious but which also work to scrape bacteria and food particles away from the teeth. Other healthy snack choices that are good for the teeth are nuts, cheese and natural yogurt.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about how to help your child maintain good oral health or need some more healthy snack tips, don't hesitate to contact us as we're always happy to speak with you! If it's time to schedule an appointment for your child, please complete the Appointment Request form. We'd would like to wish all our patients in school the best of luck in the 2016-17 school year!